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Wheat Ridge at a Glance

Incorporated as a city in 1969, Wheat Ridge has a history that pre-dates much earlier. Once used as a rest stop for miners in search of gold in the late 1800s, Wheat Ridge has a reputation for bountiful crops and beautifully preserved natural sites. There are about 31,000 citizens here in Wheat Ridge, and our city is built on ideals that sanction and encourage community involvement and togetherness.

Recent efforts have arisen that aim to make Wheat Ridge a sustainable community by the year 2020. The movement, called Wheat Ridge 2020 focuses on both economic and community development to create a community that is vibrant and sustainable.

Wheat Ridge is dedicated to raising the locally based economy, so if you are interested in opening a new business you should consider setting up shop in the Wheat Ridge community. Contact the Wheat Ridge residential and commercial movers to learn more.