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The City of College Park’s demographics show a trend that our town loves to see; we are growing. Our community has been increasing not just in the number of people who call it home but also in terms of new business and employment opportunities. And with so many people calling this place home, there have been unfortunate experiences with some of the other moving companies in the area that left new residents unimpressed. We are not like any other moving companies that call the College Park location home. We are expert professionals who have the experience, expertise, and care necessary to make any move a success!

With over 30 years of experience in the moving industry, our College Park movers know what it takes to move in and out of a location, and we’d be proud to perform a relocation for you.

College Park, Maryland, Moving Made Easy!

Whether you are in the market for efficient and reliable office movers in College Park, MD, or a team of residential movers who will treat your possessions with the same care and consideration they would treat their own, then look no further!

We are more than a simple pick-up and drop-off company. We are a team that works to provide relocation services that will leave any customer satisfied by streamlining the entire process while making it the highest quality possible. Everything from local and long-distance moving to packing and secure storage opportunities is available to you when you partner with our team of college park movers.

What to Expect From Our Movers in College Park, MD?

No matter what places in college park you are moving to, know we will always offer the best service in town! Our relocation services are supported by our custom-made trucks, which were built specifically with speed and safety in mind, no more wondering when your goods will arrive or in what condition. These trucks get driven by our licensed and experienced drivers who have delivered time and again for decades.

Once you’re ready to move, we will assemble a plan. That plan will exclude services that you either do not require or desire. Say goodbye to unwanted and mysterious charges which mysteriously show up on your final bill. Our local movers in College Park draw up a date, time, and package for delivery. Dates and times can get adjusted with a fair warning based upon availability.

What’s My Part to Play?

Once you’re ready to move and the date is coming, be sure to secure any areas of your home that could be damaged by moving large pieces of furniture during the relocation process. Our College Park movers are the best around, but it is better to be prepared for the worst when you’re expecting the best.

Also, be sure to do a final walkthrough of your home or workspace with your landlord, granted you have one, to ensure everything you are taking with you is loaded up and no unwanted damage done.

Team Up With Our College Park Movers?

The All My Sons Moving & Storage team in College Park are the best in town and are ready to assist you with your relocation needs. Get an online quote today or reach out to us to learn more about our excellent service.