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Quietly nestled on the edge of Washington, D.C. lies Chevy Chase, Maryland. Originally built in 1890 to accommodate those who dreamed of living in the countryside but working in the country’s capital, Chevy Chase has the introduction of the early streetcar to thank for its conception. The electric-powered streetcar, cleverly named “skipper”, allowed those with jobs in Washington, D.C. the ability to commute to and from work without having to give up their home in the country.

A lot has changed since 1890, but Chevy Chase has maintained its reputation for being a community that treasures its historical, quaint surroundings while implementing the best aspects of the present and future. Nowadays, Chevy Chase residents continue to benefit from being able to live in the beautiful suburbs, while having the choice to work in the city of Washington, D.C.

If you have decided to move to Chevy Chase because of a job opportunity in Washington, D.C. or you have just fallen in love with the area, you are in luck. The town has many great accommodations that not only bring people to life but also bring in many visitors. Residents and visitors alike come to appreciate the rich history and culture that has settled in the city of Chevy Chase.

Incorporated in 1913, Chevy Chase is considered to have an exceptionally high level of livability. The income per capita is extremely high and the housing market is considered stable. 92.6% of children who live in Chevy Chase graduate from high school and 82.1% go on to complete their bachelors at the collegiate level. There is an abundance of amenities available in and near the town of Chevy Chase, including grocery stores, restaurants, shops, schools, parks, libraries, public transportation, and entertainment.

Chevy Chase moving company All My Sons Maryland Moving & Storage Company is positive that you will be beyond satisfied with your choice to move to Chevy Chase and wants to begin your satisfaction with a stress-free move. All My Sons’ seasoned and well-trained Chevy Chase movers provide both quality customer service and professional white-glove moving services.

Whether you are seeking a moving company that does all of the packing, lifting, and moving for you and your family, or if you are looking for a Chevy Chase moving company to simply move your household items from one house to another, All My Sons Chevy Chase has everything you need. Along with a qualified moving staff, our Chevy Chase movers also provide a logistics staff that can implement an efficient moving plan that works for you and your schedule. Regardless of whether you are moving to Chevy Chase in a few weeks or a few months, call All My Sons today for your free moving quote!

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