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Where to Donate in Salt Lake City

Before moving out, you most likely take the time out of your schedule to clear out any junk so you can lighten your moving load. After cleaning out closets, the garage, storage bins, and the space under the bed, you realize you have various items that are still salvageable. They may consist of clothing that no longer fit or books you’ve already read. Either way, it may break your heart to just trash them knowing someone else can still make use of them. Our Salt Lake City movers can help you give back to the community by suggesting places to donate items in Salt Lake City.


The Rescue Mission’s Women’s Center

If you’re looking to donate women’s clothing in Salt Lake City, visit The Rescue Mission’s Women’s Center. [1] This rescue center assists homeless women who endure experiences like taking a shower with a sprinkler in a park or a stranger’s yard or sleeping with strangers to avoid sleeping on the streets of Salt Lake City. Many of the women this center takes in have lived in abusive households or have struggled with addiction and are looking to start over. The Rescue Mission’s Women’s Center goes above and beyond to provide emergency shelter, food, clothing, job positions, and more. By giving them a visit to donate your unwanted items before moving, you’ll be making a huge difference in the community. For more information, contact Cyndi Harris at 801-521-5925.


Friends of Multiple Sclerosis of Utah

To support the fight against Multiple Sclerosis, our Salt Lake City local movers strongly suggest donating to the Friends of Multiple Sclerosis of Utah. [2] The charity’s mission is to assist families affected by Multiple Sclerosis by finding employment opportunities for disabled individuals, subsidizing treatments and research, as well as promoting services for those with multiple sclerosis. They operate mainly on scheduled donation pickups, but you’re also given the option to look up places to donate items in Salt Lake City if you prefer to drop-off your items.

However, there are specific donation items they don’t accept such as large appliances, baby carriages, car seats, cribs, curtains, console TVs, etc. You can visit their website to find a more extensive list of items they will not accept as donations.


Crossroads Urban Center

As a non-profit organization that has been serving the community for over 50 years, Crossroads Urban Center [3] is a great charity to look into if you still need to find other places to donate items in Salt Lake City. This organization helps low-income families by providing emergency “food boxes” at their Food Pantry, which is also where they can receive vouchers to shop at their thrift store. In 2017, their thrift store provided 11,540 people with $209,243.20 worth of clothing, [3] exemplifying their dedication to helping those in need. They accept donations such as clothing, shoes, underwear, dishes, pots, pans, small appliances, and other household goods.


If you would like to learn more about places to donate items in Salt Lake City, or you just need a hand for an upcoming move, give us a call at 801-203-4385 today for your free moving quote.




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[2] Friends of Multiple Sclerosis of Utah

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