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What to Do Before Your Salt Lake City Packers Arrive

To ensure a successful and stress-free move, you should plan well in advance to stay organized throughout the whole moving process. Even if you hired professional packers and movers, there are several things you can do in your home to speed up the process and make your moving experience a smooth one. The details matter during a move of any size, and preparation is key. From purchasing extra packing products to decluttering your home, your Salt Lake City movers give you the perfect guide for what to do before your professional packers arrive on moving day.

Declutter your Home

Before your Salt Lake City movers arrive, the first task you should do is go through your entire home and get rid of the items you will no longer need in your new space. This will simplify the moving process and you won’t have clutter distracting you from packing your belongings. This will also save you time and money, since the packers will have less items to pack up. We suggest you sell or donate your gently used items during this purging stage.

Take Inventory

Write down a list of all the items you are transferring to your new home. You will never remember what you put in what box, and taking inventory allows you to stay organized and on top of your belongings before the movers even arrive. Writing down all your items also serves as proof of the contents in your home which will help down the line if something goes missing or becomes damaged. Be specific with your inventory list by including the brand and type of your electronic devices in your home. Writing everything down will save you headaches in the future!

Clean and Organize

It’s very important to get your house ready and in the proper condition for when your Salt Lake City movers arrive. You should empty and clean all appliances in your kitchen including the dishwasher and your refrigerator and don’t forget to unplug these items. Go through each room and empty all drawers and cabinets. The contents should be placed in a designated box with a label on it. Make sure you purchase enough labels for all your boxes because they will help tremendously to stay organized. When it comes time for moving day, all your items should be prepared and ready to be placed on the moving truck. We know that this will ensure a faster process and no added stress.

Plan for the Larger Items

Figure out the best way for your larger furniture items to be moved out of your home. They might not be able to fit through certain doors and you should measure the appropriate exit route before your movers arrive. This will prevent waisted time spent on attempting to move out these items and you won’t be happy if you end up being charged more money for the added time. When you figure out the best way to transfer your furniture, you should clear the path as best as you can. Your movers will be able to dismantle your furniture pieces so you don’t have to worry about that task.

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