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Life Hacks: Increase the Life Expectancy of Your Wardrobe

We have all had that one favorite article of clothing that we wore over and over again until it eventually met its untimely death. Well my friends, gone are the days of packing and moving your beloved clothes out of your wardrobe and into the trash, for All My Sons Moving & Storage has come up with a solution. Take a minute (or two) to learn how these six simple life hacks can dramatically increase the life expectancy of your wardrobe.

  1. Always Double Check. Neglecting to check if you fastened all of the hooks, buttons and zippers on your clothes before you wash them, only increases the chance of the items in your wardrobe not lasting as long as they should. In order to avoid accidentally ripping your favorite outfit, double check that all of these are linked together before running a load of laundry.
  2. Take Care of Your Jeans. In order to preserve the color and wash of your favorite jeans, make sure to turn them inside out before washing them. This slows down the fading process and keeps them looking crisp and brand new, for a greater amount of time. But not so fast, also make sure that you are not overdoing it with the washing machine. Refrain from washing them every single time your wear them – instead wash them every 3-4 times. Fun fact: you can even freshen them up by throwing them in the freezer for a little.
  3. Just Say No. Everyone has way too many of these wardrobe repeat offenders: the wire hanger. The item that magically seems to double in quantity, while simultaneously taking up way too much closet space, is a leading culprit in expediting the death of your favorite clothes. In order to avoid hanging them on the slick surface (which leads to unsightly creases), switch to a felt or plastic hanger and see if your dry cleaner can neatly fold your laundry instead.
  4. Plastic Bags Are For Groceries. Not for clothing. In order for them to last a long time, fabrics need the ability to breathe and air out. Instead of storing your clothes in plastic bags, maintain their quality by folding them neatly and storing them on a shelf.
  5. Just Hangin’ Around. While hanging your purses when you are not using them might be convenient in theory, it becomes extremely inconvenient when you have to keep replacing them. Instead, let your handbags rest on a shelf; hanging them up only stretches out the strap and shortens how many times you can wear them.
  6. Don’t Procrastinate. Avoid ruining the leather of your boots, by making sure to clean the mud off of them as soon as possible. Just use a boot brush to wipe all the dirt off. Follow with a light polishing in order to prevent any unwanted stains, and see your boots hold up in even the messiest of situations.  

These six simple life hacks can go a long way when it comes to making your wardrobe stand the test of time, but don’t take our word for it, try them out and see for yourself!