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Ways to Use Plastic Wrap When Moving

If you are getting ready for a move to a new city, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that you have the proper packing supplies to ensure that your belongings make the move unscathed. Chances are you already have moving boxes, packing tape, packing peanuts and bubble wrap, but what about plastic wrap? Our Salt Lake City residential movers know that moving can be a pain. Make sure you have all the right packing supplies to make your move a breeze! Learn why using plastic wrap when moving is a great way to save time and protect your belongings.

Why Use Plastic Wrap When Moving

Our Salt Lake City movers know that plastic wrap is a secret weapon when packing to move. Its clingy abilities make it very useful when needing to secure items during a move. Plastic wrap is not only a great protector, but it is also a great tool for bonding things together. Using plastic wrap when moving is a great way to keep the glass in a table or framed mirror sturdy and a great way to keep your larger items, like rugs, folded during a move.

Using plastic wrap when moving is perfect for protecting your belongings from scratches on furniture and for keeping the drawers of your nightstand or dresser closed while moving them to and from the moving truck. Especially if you are going up and down stairs. Since plastic wrap is virtually tear resistant, you do not have to worry about it ripping. Plastic wrap is also water resistant, so if you are moving in bad weather, your items will be safe.

How to Use Plastic Wrap When Moving

If you plan on using plastic wrap when moving, Salt Lake City local movers recommend that you follow these steps before wrapping your items.

Make Sure that Your Items are Clean
Making sure that your items are clean and dust free ensures that the plastic wrap will stick to your items properly.

Disassemble Your Furniture
Though you can move your items, like a chest of drawers or table, while still assembled we recommend disassembling them before moving and wrapping them in plastic wrap. We also recommend that you empty the drawers of any dressers or nightstands before wrapping them and trying to move them.

Wrap Items in Padding Before Wrapping Them in Plastic Wrap
If you are moving something fragile, like a mirror, we recommend that you use padding in addition to plastic wrap. The padding will keep your fragile items safe from hard impacts, while the plastic wrap will only keep the item in place inside the padding.

Have Someone Help You Wrap
Having an extra hand available to help you with using plastic wrap when moving is a good idea. Plastic wrap tends to stick to itself which can not only make the packing process frustrating but longer as well. Have another person close by to hold the item you wish to wrap steady so that you can apply the plastic wrap.

Wrap in All Directions
If you are ready to begin using plastic wrap when moving, make sure you wrap in all directions. Wrap in horizontal and vertical directions to make sure that all parts of the item you are wrapping are secure.


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