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Five Things to Do Right Before Your Big Move

Moving, whether it’s across town or across the country, can be stressful and requires lots of planning and hard work. The changes involved—new jobs, new neighbors, new school, new climate—can also be a bit overwhelming, too, so it’s important to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Even after you’ve scheduled your Salt Lake City movers to pick up your possessions and have gotten rid of anything you aren’t taking, you still may find a few loose ends that need addressing. Here’s a checklist you can use to help you remember five important things you’ll want to get done a few days before you take off.

First, take care of all bank accounts. Whether it’s closing them or transferring them, this is one item that is best done just a few days before you go. Contact your financial institution and find out if there is a branch located near the area you are moving to. If so, consider having your account transferred. If there is no branch near where you’ll be living, then consider closing your account so you can open one at a location nearer your new home.

Second, have any prescriptions you need transferred to a pharmacy local to the area where you will be moving. If your current pharmacy is one of a national chain, the pharmacist may be able to do this for you. If not, you will probably need to contact your doctors and have them send copies of prescriptions to a new pharmacy. If your moving process is going to be a long one, make sure you have enough medication to last you until you can get a refill.

Third, put labels on furniture that indicate which room your Salt Lake City movers should put them in when you reach your new home. Furniture can be heavy, so you won’t want to have to move furniture from room to room once you get to your new place. Labels let the movers know where to put furniture down so all you have to do is adjust it a little until you get the room arranged the way you want.

Fourth, gather together all the basics and pack them with you in case something goes wrong with the moving truck and it’s late arriving at your new abode. A change of clothes, some basic toiletries and first aid items, snacks, and important documents are good items to pack in a bag you can take with you. If you have space, a few tools may also make a nice addition just in case your new home needs a nip here or a tuck there—it’ll be easier to complete little things before you possessions arrive.

Finally, the very last thing to do before you move is to pack up your bed sheets and comforter, defrost your freezer, and unplug any appliances left in the home. Because you’ll probably be sleeping on your bed the night before you leave, take care of the bedding the morning of the move. If you have a freezer, remove its contents and defrost it one to two days before you’re scheduled to go. Unplug any appliances as you leave so that nothing happens to the home before its new owners take possession.

Moving requires some big changes in your life. With the help of Salt Lake City movers and these tips, you’ll be prepared to relocate your household in the smoothest manner possible.