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Salt Lake City Movers Help You Stage Your Home

Selling a home these days is a hard task. Even if your home has all the right elements, the present real estate market makes it harder than ever. People are facing foreclosures, there is more home inventory than before in most states and competition is fierce. That’s why home staging is a very important step in selling your home. You need to make sure you showcase your home in the best light possible if you dream of moving into another home. Staging can make a home look bigger, feel brighter and warmer. And when there’s as much competition out there as there is today, it’s crucial you take home staging tips and apply them.

Homebuyers are very knowledgeable these days. They research online, look at pictures, examine through real estate listings and pour over open houses. You have to differentiate your home, especially when you share the same layout, price tag of even square footage with the next guy. Staging comes in after you’ve clean and decluttered your home. Make sure you’ve arranged your closets, cabinets and drawers because potential buyers definitely look in those.

You can hire a professional home stager, have your realtor help you or do it yourself. Home staging is like dressing up a house. Think of adding up a few mirrors, getting rid of family portraits, throwing on an area rug and pillows and those types of things. Some staging professionals go as far as adding even furniture. Take for example a room that’s not utilized in a home, the stager might bring in an inflatable bed and add a dresser to make it feel like a bedroom if it will help sell the house. You can potentially go from selling a three bedroom home to a four bedroom home. A home stager can also change the purpose of a room. Say you live in a family-oriented neighborhood and you have one of your rooms that’s utilized as an office. Your stager might feel that turning that space into a bedroom, temporarily, will help sell your home, because now you can have an extra bedroom for growing families.
Another big trick that home stagers use is paying extra attention to the kitchen which is often referred to as the heart of a home. Make sure your is spotless and add a few elements to make it warmer. Think a fresh bowl of fruits on the counters, add cookbooks in the environment, try to set the table and other things that ring true to a kitchen. There are even some people that bake right before an open house, for that sweet home baked smell.
Home staging will definitely help you sell your home. And when you do and are ready to move into your new home, call the Salt Lake City local movers for professional moving services at an affordable price. You can even get your moving quote online. All My Sons of Salt Lake City is part of a huge network of reputable movers across the U.S. from Nashville to Oklahoma City and Jacksonville. Our moving company is backed by four generations of movers, with commercial and residential experience. So call the Salt Lake City moving specialists when you’re ready for your next move.