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Staging Your Home to Sell Quickly

If you are getting ready to sell your home, you need to prepare it inside and out with potential buyers in mind. Staging your home is one of the best ways to sell quickly, but there are certain ways to stage that entice buyers. Real estate agents know that a well-staged home spends much less time on the market, so consider the following tips as you set up your home and get ready to call Salt Lake City movers since you might have a offer in no time at all

Improve Your Curb Appeal

The first thing that a potential buyer sees when they come to look at your house is the exterior. A lot of people will drive by a home first before they decide if they want to go inside for a tour, so your home’s curb appeal can either attract or detract buyers. If you can make the outside of your home look attractive and welcoming, you are more likely to get people inside to look around. Consider renting a power washer to clean up your siding and walkways and make sure to have some plants or flowers planted to add a fresh, green color to your yard. Make sure that the lawn is mowed and trimmed and take the time to wash the windows, if needed.

Keep it Clean

It can be difficult to stay caught up on housekeeping, especially if you are in the midst of planning a move, but potential buyers are more likely to take a second look if your home is clean and free from unnecessary clutter. You want to create an atmosphere that people can imagine living in, so put your home’s best foot forward by cleaning before each showing. Don’t think that you can stuff everything into a closet; serious prospects will probably take a look in all of your storage spaces and find your stash.

Tone it Down

If you have a very unique and eclectic style, it can be hard to attract buyers. It isn’t always easy to find someone with your exact tastes, but if you can tone down your home’s style and go with a more neutral palate, you may have better look. Consider painting brightly colored rooms with beige or grey paint colors to create a more sophisticated look that can serve as a starting point for a potential buyer’s imagination.


While you may have a specific furniture arrangement that has worked for you while living at your home, you may find more success if you arrange your furniture as neutrally and symmetrically as possible. Taking out some of the pieces that you have in a room may free up your options and keep the space from looking too crowded. To get a good idea on how to set up your furniture, consider visiting a model home. Interior designers often create ideal furniture settings meant to attract buyers to these homes.

Staging your home correctly may result in a quick sale, allowing you to contact your Salt Lake City movers and get on your way to a new home. While staging cannot ensure that you will find a buyer the moment your house hits the market, it can certainly help.