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What to Dump During Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air! While that may mean picnics, flowers, and fresh fruits and vegetables, it also means…take a deep breath…spring cleaning. While this may make you feel overwhelmed (or who knows, maybe it gets you excited) your Salt Lake City relocation specialists know what you need to dump to rid your home of junk. While it is not always easy to get rid of the things you have collected throughout the past year, it will make you feel much better once it is all said and done.

The Kitchen

  • You know all of those takeout supplies you hoard? The plastic silverware, chopsticks and ketchup packets? Yeah, those. They all need to go.
  • Most of us have ugly plates, bowls, and cups that no one ever uses. They sit in the back of the cabinet and collect dust. It is time to get rid of those bad boys!
  • Go through your cabinet, pantry, fridge, and freezer and find expired items or ones that no one in your family will eat.

The Bathroom

  • For some reason, people collect bath towels. There is no reason for your home to have a dozen sets! Get rid of the ones you do not use anymore.
  • Did you buy the wrong deodorant and never return it? Maybe you have a couple bottles of shampoo that you just do not like. Whatever you are not using needs to go.
  • Your collection of travel-sized toiletries might be a little out of control. Keep only a reasonable supply and donate the rest.
  • Expired cleaning products or bottles that no longer function, also have to go.

Personal Belongings

  • Getting rid of clothes that you have not worn is important. Whether it is out-of-style or does not fit, if you are not wearing it, it is just taking up space. Donate it to an organization that will find people who could really get some use out of it.
  • Old makeup can get kind of gross, and often, it is bad for your skin. Bacteria can build up and wreak havoc on your face if you decide to wear it again. Dump it!
  • Books can be hard to get rid of. But if you have already read them (or know you never will get to them) donate your growing collection, because books are bulky! That goes for old magazines, cookbooks and newspapers too.
  • Do you still have a ton of CDs, DVDs or VHS tapes? If you can’t part with them, get a binder to hold them all so you can chuck the cases. And if you must keep those VHS tapes, maybe they are better left in the basement.
  • All those cables, chargers and wires from cell phones, digital cameras, and televisions you no longer use or have. What is the sense in keeping that tangled mess?

Spring cleaning may not be the most exciting thing you do this season, but you will feel so much better once it is done! There is something about knowing how organized and clean your Salt Lake City home is, that will put a smile on your face.