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How to Save Money on Your Move to Salt Lake City

There are a lot of expenses that go into a move, the biggest of which is probably the down payment on a new house. Many homeowners are constantly looking for ways to save a few bucks, and you can actually take advantage of a few tricks to keep your moving costs low. You can even save money on Salt Lake City movers if you follow a few tips.

Packing Smart

There are a few ways you can pack efficiently and still save money. For example, most people know that breakable items should be wrapped in protective items such as bubble wrap. However, if you do it carefully, you can use clean clothes to wrap statuettes, picture frames and even dishes. For your glasses and stemware, consider slipping them into your clean socks.

Many people purchase boxes from a storage company or moving company. This is an especially good idea for any of your fragile items, as you want to make sure you are using sturdy, reliable boxes. Other items, however, can go into:

  • Drawers
  • Boxes you get from a grocery store
  • Old bookbags and suitcases

Reduce Breaking Items

Want to avoid the cost of replacing broken items or liquids that spill? Here are a few tricks to keep certain breakables safe:

  • Put a cotton ball into your makeup compacts
  • Put plastic wrap over the openings of your toiletries and then put the lid back on
  • Pack your plates vertically

Get Rid of Your Things

Many Salt Lake City movers charge either by the pound or by how much time the move takes them. You can reduce both by getting rid of things you no longer use or need. First, assess your belongings and take stock of items you might be able to sell. Consider having a garage sale or going to a consignment store, and you might be able to make a little bit of money. Anything you cannot sell should either donated or trashed.

Keep Track of Expenses

There are certain costs you cannot avoid with a move, but the good news is that you might actually be able to deduct those expenses when tax time comes around. If your new job is more than 50 miles further from your home than your old job, you will likely meet the “distance” test the IRS uses to see if your expenses qualify. Be sure to hang onto any receipts associated with your moving costs so you can take advantage of the tax break.

Schedule Your Move

You can actually save money on Salt Lake City movers if you schedule your move during the right time. During the middle of the month tends to be a slower time for many movers, and therefore, their prices may be more competitive. This is especially true for people who are moving locally.

Moving comes with its share of costs, but there are also plenty of opportunities for you to save money. Try using alternative packing materials for your breakables, and borrow boxes whenever you can. Keep any receipts associated with your move and you may stand to make some of that money back at tax time. Lastly, careful packing can help you avoid the replacement costs of any breaks or spills that occur in transit.