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Free Services When Hiring a Realtor

With the housing situation still not recovered across the nation, real estate agents and the firms they represent are faced with fierce competition. Realtors these days are pulling out all the stops and offering their very best efforts in order to stay in the game, get the most listings and hopefully get the most sales. In 2011, real estate professionals aren’t just helping to sell homes, they’re doing much more.

Home staging for example is a service that comes standard with many real estate agencies these days. Realtors know that it takes a lot of work to sell a home and rather showcase it in the best way to attract more buyers. First impressions are very important, so realtors are decorating homes and apartments to highlight the best rooms in the house. Sometimes realtors also create a complete room that might be underused by the current owners, but know that by giving that very same room a focus or purpose, it can help sell the house. Home staging also helps realtors provide better pictures to attract more potential homebuyers online when listing. The same reasoning goes for virtual tours of a property.

Realtors today are also offering an in-depth analysis of the property’s they’re selling. Most use the information they have from recent sales in the area to determine the worth of another property in the same neighborhood. Some real estate agencies might offer this service even to homeowners who are not looking to sell at the moment. However, they might be trying to fight the tax assessment on their homes by showing they’re property has decreased in value. So the real estate agency provides the service in hopes that individual will turn into a client in the future.

Affiliate marketing is another area realtors are tapping into. Because of the nature of their jobs, they developed relationships with various businesses that are related to real estate such as home decorating stores, interior designers, utilities companies and more. So these realtors are able to pass on the savings to their clients.

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