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Buying a Home Sweet Home

There are many steps to buying a home. You start with a lot of research, maybe work with a realtor, visit various homes in a neighborhood you like, compare homes and prices, find real estate you like and put an offer and then comes the final walk through before you officially ‘close’ on the house. This is usually done around a week before the closing. All My Sons of Salt Lake City suggests you make sure that the terms of your contract have been met and that the condition of the house is what you agreed on. The local Salt Lake City moving company recommends you bring your purchase contract with you and use it for reference while you do the walk-through.

The Salt Lake City movers suggest you look closely at certain things like for example are the major appliances still in the home. Are they in good condition and in working order?

Check the important ‘system’s in the home, like the air conditioning, the heat, the plumbing, the electrical wiring, all these ‘systems’ are very significant.

What about the walls and flooring? Do they have any damage, scuffing, holes and so on. Make sure that the rugs and art hanging on the walls are not covering anything major.

As part of your purchase contract, your home seller might have agreed to be responsible for certain repairs. If so, make sure that those have been done correctly and that the terms of your contract have been respected.

All My Sons moving remind you to take a close look at everything, even the landscaping. If the house you’re looking to buy has a significant yard, you might want to take a close look. Make sure that things you saw there when you first visited the home and were attracted to it, are still there. Think outdoor furniture, swing set, plants, fountains and those sorts of elements.

Fixtures are another item to watch for, such as curtains, lights and maybe other things that weren’t necessarily on but you might feel should be included with the buying the house.

When you final walk-through is final, call All My Sons of Salt Lake city for your stress-free residential move. We’ll take care of the moving details and offer you the very best moving services. We have years of expert experience in the moving industry and can make the overwhelming part of moving disappear. Get your free moving quote and rest assured that your move will be smooth.