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How to Prepare Your Fish and Aquarium for Your Move to Salt Lake City

Although your Salt Lake City moving company has taken the stress away from you by handling all your moving and storage needs, your fish may be a different story. Fish are notorious for becoming distraught when placed in new environments or moved, so make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to make their move to Salt Lake City as comfortable as possible. To help you out, Salt Lake City movers has created a useful guide to safely moving your fish and aquarium from your old house to your forever home.

  1. Disassemble your aquarium last when packing and reassemble it first upon arriving at your new home. In doing this, your fish will spend less time in crowded containers with possibly poor water conditions. To make reassembly easier once you move to Salt Lake City, predetermine where you will be setting up your aquarium in your new home. Decide on a space that is near an electrical outlet and water source. This space will also be best if it is out of direct sunlight for the majority of the day. Make sure that the space you are deciding on will be big enough for your aquarium and all the accessories that go with it; and that it will be able to support the weight of your aquarium.
  2. Take as much original water from your aquarium as possible. Every city and state’s water quality and chemistry is different. Keeping your fish in water they are accustomed to and slowly introducing your new city’s water to their tank will minimize their stress. Once you relocate to Salt Lake City, place small amounts of your new city’s water in your aquarium over the period of several weeks.
  3. Place your fish and aquarium plants in clean, five-gallon buckets that are two-thirds the way filled with your original aquarium water. Using large buckets will allow you to bring larger amounts of water your fish and live plants are used to. Depending on what kind of fish you have and how many will determine how you should spilt them up in different buckets for travel. It will also give them enough room to swim around and breathe during your move to Salt Lake City. If you have lids for your buckets, be sure to puncture holes in them so air can circulate. If you do not have bucket lids, use plastic grocery bags to keep water from splashing out and air in during travel.
  4. Remove everything from your aquarium and wrap it in blankets or towels before moving to Salt Lake City. Leaving gravel, pumps or fake plants in your aquarium could result in breaking the aquarium’s glass during relocation, so remove all of these items before traveling.
  5. When you arrive to your new home, promptly set up your aquarium and pour fish and water into it. Immediately plug in any heaters, filters and pumps to get your fish back to normalcy as quickly as possible.