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Preparing Your Car for a Salt Lake City Move

Auto moving in Salt Lake City requires preparation and attention to detail just like any other local or long-distance residential move. You need to have a proper plan in place to ensure that your vehicle arrives safely to your new home. When choosing between packing services, our Salt Lake City auto movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage provides the highest standards of safety and security in the car relocation industry. There are different vehicle shipping options, and you must perform research before you allow your car to be shipped off to another city. We have created the perfect guide for you to prepare your car for a Salt Lake City move.

Conduct Research

Before you choose your auto movers, you should consider packing services that provide accurate auto shipping quotes. Be sure to ask how long their estimate is good for and whether it can change daily. Auto moving rates are based on many factors that include distance, fuel cost, weight, routes, and truck/driver availability. You should consider your car’s characteristics when researching for the perfect auto mover. There are also different car shipping options such as open vs. closed carriers and single carriers vs. multicarrier. Closed carriers protect your vehicle from outside exposure, however they are more expensive than open carriers. Single carriers do not have to make extra stops along the moving journey, but they are the more expensive option. You have to decide which route is best for you and your auto moving needs. Our auto moving services allow you to track your vehicle at all times so you won’t stress over the delivery date.

Prepare your Car

Now that you are done researching Salt Lake City auto movers, you can start to focus on preparing your vehicle for the move. You will need to remove all items to ensure a smooth transit. Your car may be moved around a lot, so you want to think about this when leaving items that are not secured. These items include loose change, cables, and chargers. Now that you have tackled the inside of your car, it’s important to clean the exterior. You should wash your car because dust can easily hide scratches and dents that weren’t there before. You will know exactly what scratches you have before you ship your car and it’s important to take pictures or write this information down after inspection. You want to leave your car in great condition to ensure satisfaction in the end since it may be subject to strains on the road when traveling on the back of a truck. You may not know that you should leave as little gas in your tank as possible when preparing for transport. Having a full tank of gas makes your car heavier and any additional weight can add risk to the auto move.

Our Salt Lake City movers will ensure a smooth and safe shipment of your precious cargo. You will receive your vehicle in a timely manner in the same condition you left it with us.