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Five Tips to Prepare You for Your Next Move

Moving into a new home is never easy.  There are many tasks that need accomplished and plenty of surprises that happen along the way.  A little preparation and advance planning will help you make your next big move easier and quicker than you might expect.  Here are five tips from professional Salt Lake City Movers to help you kick-start your next move.

1. Don’t put off packing.  Every home is filled with items that aren’t used on a daily basis; prepare these for moving first.  Christmas decorations, special occasion dishes, summer kids’ toys, power tools, and out of season clothing can all be easily packed several weeks in advance.  Many of these items are probably already in boxes!  Get these non-essentials out of the way first.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly your packing moves forward.

2. Give everyone a job.  Every family member can take responsibility for some packing.  It’s not fair to place the responsibility for packing onto just one or two people; the task will take considerably longer this way and will leave those people with less time to attend to other chores.  Children can be responsible for putting their clothes and other possessions in small boxes; young adults can assist with packing lesser-used kitchen appliances and other items that are easy to carry. 

3.  Don’t skimp on packing materials.  One of the biggest obstacles to a simple move is a lack of good packing materials.  Yes, you will probably have to spend a few dollars purchasing sturdy cardboard containers but don’t think of these purchases as an expense; think of them as an investment in a pleasant moving experience.  What about using all those boxes you’ve been saving?  Not all of those boxes are going to be in usable condition.  Old boxes are more likely to bend and tear, which can really leave you in a lurch.  Make sure to purchase good-quality tape, too.  Look for tape that’s specifically labeled for packing.  Many types of tape look similar but are actually intended for different purposes.  And finally, purchase plenty of permanent markers.  Label each box with a summary of its contents or write down what room it belongs in. 

4.  Arrange for pickup and delivery.  Unless you’re a single person moving from one apartment to another, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to move everything to your new home using only a pickup truck.  Professional Salt Lake City Movers can help you make the move in a single trip.  There’s less chance of items getting lost or damaged this way.  Professional movers work in teams to speed the process along; there won’t be any tedious shuttling between homes!

5.  Set aside cleaning supplies.  Cleaning is the very last thing you’ll do before locking the front door one last time.  A thorough floor-to-ceiling clean is typically necessary to receive your initial rent deposit; most landlords will inspect the home for cleanliness before issuing your deposit back to you.  You’ll need a vacuum, mop, plenty of sponges and scrubbers, bleach, all-purpose cleaners, brooms, and glass cleaner.  Set these items aside in their own box.  If possible, clean each room as it is emptied.  Since basements and garages take extra time to clean, schedule time for cleaning well in advance of your move-out date.