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Four Things to Take Care of Long Before Moving Day

Moving to a new home is an exciting new chapter in your life. But the process of getting to that new home can be stressful. There is so much to do before moving day arrives, you may feel lost and unorganized. Our Salt Lake City moving company knows there are certain things that you should make sure to take care of prior to moving day to make your life easier. This will help you have a less stressful moving day and give you some peace of mind. Here are four moving day tips for things you should make sure to cross of your list prior to the big day.

 1. Change your address with the post office well in advance. The post office allows you to select which date the address change goes into effect so you can do this as early as you want. You can do this online at the USPS website or head in to your local post office to fill out an address change form. Remember, it’s not just the post office that uses your address. Credit cards, magazine subscriptions, etc. all will need to be notified of your new address. Make a list of everything linked to your current address and take a couple hours to call them all to give them the new address.

 2. De-clutter! Moving is a great time to go through all your stuff and get rid of what you do not use. It’s one of our favorite moving day tips. You need a good amount of time to do this properly. Don’t do this the day or two before you move. Plan a weekend where you go through every room in your home and clean out items you no longer want or need. Once you get these items together, throw a yard sale or donate the items to charity. Then the next weekend do another sweep to see if there is anything else you may have missed. This will save you valuable time and money in your packing and moving process.

 3. Figure out if you need a self-storage facility. It’s much easier to locate a storage unit to move some of your items to at your leisure prior to the move then it is to decide that after you move. It’s also cheaper if you have fewer items for your Salt Lake City moving company to haul to your new home.

 4. If the old owners have moved out of your new place, make sure you take care of those pesky renovations or home improvement projects before you move in all your stuff.  It’s much more enjoyable to fix up a house you are excited to move into than it is to wait until after you are exhausted from your move.

Our Salt Lake City full-service moving company knows that getting these tasks out of the way prior to moving day can drastically reduce your stress and let you focus on other parts of your upcoming move. Remember to start early so you feel more prepared when your Salt Lake City moving company arrives to help you move to your new home. Give us a call today for more moving day tips and a free, no obligation quote!