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How to Prepare for a Job Out of State

After careful deliberation, you’ve decided to move to Salt Lake City. Whether it’s family-related or you’d just like a change of scenery, you must start gearing up for the move. Relocation preparations may include contacting our Utah movers to help you relocate, update your address with various places of importance, and so forth. Nevertheless, the most important task to complete is finding a job in Salt Lake City. It can be quite discouraging at first to find a job from out of state, but we’ve put together some expert tips on preparing finding an out of state job.

Tip #1: It’s About WHO You Know, NOT What You Know

The cold hard truth about applying for an out of state job is employers will look to local applicants before those from out of state, even if you meet the qualifications. Locals aren’t going anywhere, therefore, our Salt Lake City corporate movers strongly advise conveying to employers you’re here to stay. If you have any family, friends, or any former colleagues in Salt Lake City, make sure to mention that in the interview. What also helps is researching on LinkedIn other alumni from your school that may be working at prospective employers in Salt Lake City. Fostering that connection can work in your favor among other applicants.

Tip #2: Recruiters

Another tip on how to prepare for a job out of state is to contact Salt Lake City job recruiters, more specifically out-of-state job recruiters. They usually have great insight and resources on your career industry, location, and the company to which you’re applying.

Along with finding alumni on LinkedIn, you can also look up recruiters by searching “recruiting firms in Salt Lake City” or “Salt Lake City recruiter.” Looking under the “Staff and Recruiting” industry type on the website can also help in your search.

Tip #3: Applying for A Job Out of State Cover Letter & Resume

Another suggestion from our movers on how to prepare for a job out of state is to update your resume. Of course, you’d want to polish the “qualifications” and “skills” section, but you want to make it clear on your resume that you’re relocating to Salt Lake City. For example, under your current city, add “Relocating to Salt Lake City” so employers will know you’re an out-of-state applicant planning to move.

In your cover letter, make sure to tailor it to what the company is looking for in an applicant while expressing interest on why you’re planning to live in Salt Lake City long-term. Use terms like “highly motivated to relocate” to show your enthusiasm for moving to Salt Lake City.

Relocating with the Best Movers in Town

Whenever you plan to relocate to Salt Lake City, make sure to give our Salt Lake City movers a call first. Our moving company provides an array of reliable relocation services to ensure the move into your new home is effortless. Don’t delay, call us today for your free, no-obligation quote. Good luck with the job search!