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Five Packing Tips That Will Make Your Move Easier

Packing for a move is such a daunting task that many people reach the point where they don't even approach it systematically - they just stuff things into boxes and figure that they'll sort it out on the other side. While this approach gets the job done, there are a few other packing strategies that you should consider. They might take more time before the move, but once your Salt Lake City movers have you settled into your new home, you'll be grateful that you made the effort.

1. Make a list, and keep track of everything that you're packing. You might even write down which things are being packed together. There's just no way to remember all the decisions you make when preparing to move about what should be thrown away and what things should be packed together. Writing it all down at the time will save you plenty of confusion and stress later.

2. Help your Salt Lake City movers help you. You should put items that are going into the same room in the same boxes so that your movers can take them directly there and save you the hassle of dragging them around later. Many people like to either designate a number for each room or use a color system. Anything that is easy to remember and that you can do consistently will work fine.

3. Distinguish between similar items that you're going to need immediately and ones that you won't need to unpack for a while. For instance, your seasonal sporting equipment or clothes don't need to be unpacked during the first week. You can put them at the bottom of the box containing other items, or simply pack them in another box, where they can sit out of the way in a closet, bedroom, or basement until you actually need them.

4. Buy too many boxes. The truth is that you will almost never have too many boxes - you'll find that there are more possessions scattered throughout your house than you ever appreciated before. When you start running out of boxes, you'll be tempted to cram as much as you can into the ones that you have, before you inevitably decide that you will need to go to the store for more boxes after all. Buying enough boxes up front will reduce your likelihood of packing boxes so full that they break or are next to impossible to pick up.

5. Pack your cleaning supplies at the end. You're most likely going to need to do a little last-minute cleaning in your old house - an empty house just has a way of looking dirtier than it did when it was full of furniture and home decor. Similarly, you'll probably need to do some cleaning at your new home. Keeping your cleaning supplies easily accessible will save you the trouble of digging through box after box or just going out and wasting money on new ones.