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How To Pack and Unpack

Moving can be stressful that’s for sure. There are plenty of things to do and not always plenty of time to do it. Organization and preparation are key to having a successful move. Of course, professional and reliable movers are also helpful in the game. If you trust your local moving company, then many of the hassles can be avoided. For example, Salt Lake City movers offer a packing service at an extra charge. But at the same time we offer a free moving quote online. Also, our company, All My Sons moving and Storage have an online store for packing supplies where you can get professional moving kits with boxes, tap, marker and everything you need for a good packing job. Plus, if you hire a reputable moving company, you’ll know your personal belongings will arrive scratch-free, damage free.

If you’re going to pack and unpack yourself, here are some tips to follow to make the moving experience a little smoother and easier.

When you’re packing, make sure things go into boxes by room so you’ll know where things are when you’re looking through boxes in your new place. If you’re looking for toiletries, you’ll know to look for the box that’s labeled BATHROOM. And that’s another thing, make sure your boxes are labeled. When you’re packing electronics, keep the cables, batteries an remotes together with the electronic item. For example, if you’re packing up a small office printer, make sure ink cartridges are placed in little plastic bags and boxed together with the printer. And so on.

When you’re movers are loading up the truck with all your boxes, you ca always ask them to follow a certain order. You’ll know that you’ll have faster access to the last boxes they securely placed on their truck, making it easier for you to reach what’s inside. So if you’re packing an extra box or two with items that you’ll need the first night you’re in your new place or maybe a box full of bed sheets or even a box full of coloring books and games for your little children, ask those to be placed last.

When you’re unpacking, prioritize. Figure out which labeled box you’re going to open the first day or two you’re in your new home or apartment. And take it from there. You don’t have to open everything at once. The boxes labeled winter clothes don’t have to be open if you’re in the middle of summer. Those can wait. Don’t forget to ask everyone in the household to pitch in. Kids should take responsibility for some of their personal boxes too, helping and getting involved in the residential move.

Unpacking can be more fun with pizza. Since you won’t have anything really set up to cook for the first week or so, have pizza night. If you have kids, they’ll enjoy it. And if you’re single, call up some friends and enjoy the pie while they help you unpack. Maybe they’ll even bring housewarming gifts.