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Guide to Navigating Salt Lake City

Having to use your Salt Lake City movers to relocate you to a new home can seem overwhelming, especially if you are moving to a city that you have never spent any time in. Despite whether or not you are moving for work, moving for family, or just moving for a change, trying to figure out how to navigate Salt Lake City can end up adding to an already growing amount of stress.

Luckily for you and your family, your local Salt Lake City moving company has been helping families turn their new houses into homes for over 25 years; along the way, we have picked up a tip or two on how to get around Salt Lake City. Cut your stress in half with this guide to navigating Salt Lake City.

How to Get Around. In the 19th century Salt Lake City was built on a grid system, which generally takes newcomers a couple of days to figure out. Once you do, getting around the city is a breeze! The most important thing to keep in mind is that all roads lead to Temple Square, the center of the major grid system. The roads are name both numerically and directionally; this means that if you are seven blocks south of the Temple, you will be on 700 South. If you are confused as to what your Salt Lake City movers are saying when they say they are going to 15th & 15th, then it means that they are going to 1500 South and 1500 East. It is not uncommon for the locals to abbreviate street names; but don’t worry, you will get the hang of it once your Salt Lake City moving company finishes getting you and your family settled in!

Where to Go During the Daytime. Did you know that Salt Lake City is known for all of the outdoor activities it has to offer? Most people travel across the country just to experience the great Utah outdoors, but now that you have your Salt Lake City moving company permanently relocating you and your family, you can take advantage of the outdoor excursions whenever you want! If you are looking for a break from unpacking, then drive a half hour away to Park City. Famous for being the home of the Sundance Film Festival, stroll down Main Street to enjoy the art exhibits, delicious restaurants, and bars.

Where to Go During the Nighttime. Music reigns as king in Utah, which comes as no surprise considering it is home to the Osmond family. Regardless of what your musical taste is, head on over to Monk’s House of Jazz, Mo’s Neighborhood Grill, Red Butte Gardens or the Gallivan Plaza in order to everything from punk to alternative country. If you want to leave the kids at home and take a break from helping your Salt Lake City movers unpack, then stop in at one of the two great local piano bars, The Tabernacle and Keys of Main.