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Moving Your Teen to Their First College Dorm

If you have a kid who is a senior in high school, your Draper relocation company is sure you are well aware that graduation is around the corner. Your teen is probably really excited, which means you are probably really anxious. A lot is about to change, and the biggest change of all may be that your child is preparing to move to their first college dorm or apartment. Whether they are going somewhere in state, like Bingham Young University or the University of Utah, or going to school out of state, you will need to help them move out of your house and move into their first place. Now, take a deep breath and let’s run through a few important things:

Packing Up Their Room

Maybe your kid has been in their bedroom since they were born; maybe not. Either way, they have likely collected a ton of junk. If your child does not have the drive to organize through their things before they pack, force them! Have them create a “donate,” “garbage,” “leave at home,” and “take to school” piles. Tell them to go through their entire closet, every drawer and under their bed. This way, their room is easy to maintain while they are away, and they will not take things they do not need or leave things they do.

Buying the Essentials

Your teen will likely need some stuff from Target, Walmart or the Container Store. But before you load up a shopping cart, it may be best to take a look at their dorm or apartment. Dorms can be really tiny, and it would be a shame to buy things that do not fit. If they have a roommate, it will also be beneficial to see what they have, because there is no sense in having two ironing boards. It is a good idea to wait, because then you can measure the room and see what is included; lights? A desk? A microwave? After you know more about the living facility, you will be able to plan your trip to the store a bit better. If looking at the room is not feasible, at least call student affairs or the leasing office and ask for measurements and what is included. When you are at the store, try to buy things that will double as space-savers, especially if they are living in a dorm. For instance, if they need an ottoman, buy one that opens for storage. Or if they need an ironing board, buy a small one that folds completely flat and can be hung on the back of a door.

Setting Up Their New Digs

Once you have helped them pack up their belongings and buy whatever extras they needed, it is time to set up your student’s new room. They may want to handle this part themselves, but offer to help out, even if that means running back to the store for them.

Moving your child to their first place can be really emotional, but be strong! They are moving in the right direction, and they will be home to visit in no time. They will miss Draper, home cooked meals, free laundry, and your company - of course! Who knows, you may even enjoy the extra space, and peace and quiet in your home!