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Moving With a Teen

Moving yourself is manageable. Moving with a significant other is manageable. Moving with younger children can be manageable. But moving with a teen is the toughest move of all. 


By this time in their life your teen has grown attached to their hometown home, the house that they have grown up in and the town that they have made all of their lifelong friends in. They are comfortable where they live and have friends they can count on to help them through their age-related issues. However, uprooting a teen from their friends, school, and neighborhood can be more difficult than moving with children of any other age.  


If you are concerned about moving your teen to Salt Lake City from out-of-state or from another school district within Utah, here are some tips that will help guide you and your teen through a difficult move.


  • Including your teen on everything moving is a great way to make them feel a part of this big decision. If you are looking for a home in Salt Lake City, ask for their opinion on the house; find out what they want from their new home and indulge them by letting them have a say on where they will be moving to and what amenities the new house will have.
  • Once you have bought that perfect home and have shared the good news with the family, let your teen (or teens) choose their rooms and start coming up with ideas for personalizing their space. Allowing them the freedom of molding their bedroom into their style will not only help them visualize themselves living in the new home, it will also preoccupy them for some time after the move. 
  • Gift your teen with a make-shift year book. Whether it is an address book, scrapbook, or plain Jane notebook, your teen will be grateful for having something for their friends, teachers, and coaches to sign before they move away. Furthermore, it will help them gather everyone’s e-mail, addresses, birthdays, phone numbers, and any information that will help keep them in touch with their closest friends.
  • Get your teen involved in extracurricular activities. Signing your teen up for school sports, club sports, acting, art classes, or anything with other kids of their age, will help to ease their transition to Salt Lake City. The sooner that they make friends, the sooner Salt Lake City will feel like home to them.
  • Once your teen does make new friends, try to be a little lenient when it comes to setting rules for hanging out and activities.


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