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Moving Safely in Salt Lake City

All My Sons Moving & Storage in Utah

Sharp objects, clutter, and falling boxes, oh my! While you have plenty of matters to take care of throughout the moving process, moving safely should be your top priority.

Tips for Moving Safely

At All My Sons Moving & Storage Salt Lake City, our experienced movers know how to navigate the dangerous hazards that moving may entail. Follow our moving safety tips to make your moving day a success.

Moving Safety Before Moving Day

Before moving day even comes, there are plenty of moving hazards that you should be aware of in order to keep everyone safe.

If you are packing on your own, you will likely have empty boxes, packing supplies, and household objects strewn about your home. This clutter could be the source of some serious moving injuries. Put items away immediately to avoid the dangers of tripping over a random object, your son accidentally nicking himself with the tape dispenser, or your dog swallowing screws that were left out in the open. Our Salt Lake City residential movers recommend placing packed boxes securely against the wall and keeping all other objects up high.

Learn to pack like a pro. You do not want to overpack boxes, as they can cause back pain on moving day. Improper packing could also lead to injuries from sharp objects poking out or unsecured items falling.

Safe Moving Day Tips

Moving day has finally arrived. The last thing you need is an unexpected trip to the emergency room that could have been prevented. Dodge that expensive hospital bill by learning how to avoid moving hazards on moving day.

If you are moving an office, be aware of any wires and cords around the room. We understand that you will probably wait until the last minute to pack up your electronics, but our Salt Lake City commercial movers recommend packing and labeling these cords first on moving day to avoid someone tripping over them.   

Use proper packing supplies for your upcoming move. One of the most common moving injuries is back pain. Using a dolly is an easy way to help sidestep this problem. Bubble wrap, packing tape, and specialty boxes may be designed to keep your possessions from getting damaged, but they will also help you to avoid injuries from silly mistakes like broken glass, ripped boxes, and dropped items.

Create a clear path from the truck to the main area of your home. Objects left in this area are sure to be tripped over, especially if you are carrying boxes you cannot see over.

Stack boxes safely. You do not want boxes falling from the ceiling after a child runs by them or a slammed door creates a mini earthquake. Before you add another box on top of a stack, shake the pile gently to ensure that everything is secure. Also be sure to stack boxes from heaviest to lightest, with the heaviest boxes on the bottom.

Keep kids and pets out of the way. Whether that means putting them safely enclosed and entertained or sending them off to a friend’s for the day, small children and energetic pets can spell disaster for your moving day. It may be safer for them and everyone involved to have them out of the home for the day.

Our Salt Lake City movers understand that moving can be overwhelming and you may be tempted to cut corners to save time, but you want to make sure you are moving safely. It may be best to hire full-service movers like our team with packing services to take care of everything for you and keep your family safe.