Rating 4.6

Moving Again With the Salt Lake City Movers

So I couldn’t believe I was moving yet again. I moved quite a few times these past few years, renting one apartment after another. I just didn’t seem to find the perfect place for my family to call home. Some of the two-bedroom apartments we rented had really bad isolation, so we can hear people walking above us, it was very uncomfortable. Some of them were just in a location that we didn’t like and so were our experiences with renting. Now that the economy has shifted, my husband and I had the chance to look around and possibly buy a property versus renting again. Eventually we hired a professional realtor who really understood what we were looking for in terms of size and neighborhood. She found us a charming house in Salt Lake City, Utah with so many perks that we couldn’t help ourselves but put in an offer. Needless to say, we bought the house and are now proud owners. My daughter also loves the place and looks forward to moving in.

Which bring me to the point of, I hate all the work behind moving. But, luckily, I already know about a great reliable moving company that works in the Salt Lake City area. I’ve worked with them in the past and know they can handle any type of move. Even my disorganized one. I mean they even deal with commercial and long distance ones. I’ve had them do a move for me back when I was moving from one apartment in Bountiful to Draper. They were so efficient and careful with my stuff. Even the furniture I thought they wouldn’t be able to move, they did and not with one scratch on it. All My Sons of Salt Lake City I really think is the best local moving company in Utah. They offer so many moving services while they do the job, helping you assemble some stuff, they quilt-pad wrap the furniture for extra protection, the Salt Lake City moving crew also helps once you’re in your new place to set up your things around the house so you don’t have to lift heavy things. I just know my move to my new house will be so much easier because All My Sons of San Antonio is by my side. This testimonial was by Monica B., Salt Lake City, Utah.