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Tips for Moving During the Holidays

Moving day is finally here, however, it’s during the holidays. Under certain circumstances, you must move during the holiday season, which is an unpopular time of the year to relocate. You may have a lot on your plate during this time of year, but when you hire our professional Utah moving company, you’ll have more time to plan out other parts of your relocation during this hectic time of year.

Give Back

It’s the season giving, so before you move to Salt Lake City, donate to some charities to not only lighten your moving load but to also give to those in need. Donate clothing, electronics, toys, etc. to charities like Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Goodwill. Make sure to also save your donation receipts. These receipts can really come in handy as the holiday season marks the end of the tax year. This can also help put money back into your wallet, especially after a pricey move.


While you’re planning out your move, anticipate heavy traffic during the holiday season. Most roads will be packed with folks traveling into town to see family as well as holiday shoppers. Avoid long-distance travel around Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years, as these are the busiest days of the year for travel.


Around the same time you hire our Utah moving company to help you move to Salt Lake City, make sure to also contact your home security provider. Since home invasions and burglaries tend to increase during the holiday season [1], have your home security system installed in your new home a couple of weeks before you move in. You don’t want theft and break-ins to ruin your holiday spirit!


To make sure you keep your holiday spirit lifted, pack your holiday decorations in separate, clear bins.  Pack items like décor, gift wrapping, presents, and holiday wardrobe so that when you move into your new home, you can jump right into the holiday spirit as soon as possible.

Winter Weather

When moving during the holiday season, it’s extremely important to check the weather if you’re moving in a cold climate. Anticipate weather like snow storms as your set your move-out date. Sprinkle snow salt on the pavement outside your home and keep a snow shovel handy. Also, keep your belongings safe from snow by packing them in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. Keep yourself warm by wearing boots, hats, and gloves.

Our Salt Lake City Movers Have Your Back

If you need to move to Salt Lake City during the holiday season, contact our Utah moving company to help you move into your new home without breaking a sweat. We offer a wide range of relocation services from packing to storage. Our trusted movers have years of experience, so you can rest assured all your belongings are being handled with care. Why wait? Contact us today for your free moving quote!



[1] SafeWise – Security for the Holidays: Keeping Your Home Safe from Christmas Burglars