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Magna At A Glance

Moving in Magna

The settlement of Magna began shortly after the Mormon pioneers reached the Salt Lake Valley in 1851. The town was originally called Pleasant Green but, due to the fact that there was also a town called Pleasant Grove, the post office decided to change the name to Magna in 1906. Magna started out small, just like All My Sons Moving & Storage, but it didn’t take long to flourish.
Originally a farming community, Magna changed quickly after the Utah Copper Concentrate Mill was built. Many people began to move to Magna at that time. The first mining community was known as Ragtown because of the many tents and shanties that the drifters and miners called home. A public school was built in response to a law requiring all children to receive a free education. This one room building was where all of the children attended school with no grade separation.
Because few of the minors had cars, automobile commuting to work was not practical. Jobs needed to be completed though so the miners would live in the town and walk to work. All My Sons came from humble beginnings as well. Our founder began moving friends and neighbors in an ice truck and, with family help and encouragement, All My Sons Moving & Storage was born! We have been family owned and operated ever since. 
Magna is such a wonderful community and is always growing and becoming better. There is no doubt that you will feel right at home as soon as All My Sons finishes your great move! When you move with All My Sons we make sure that you feel like part of our family because, it is always nice to have someone to count on in a time of need. Magna welcomes you home and we’re sure that you’re glad to be here!