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State Facts About Utah

Getting ready for a move to Utah and don’t know much about the state? Our Salt Lake City local movers  have put together some facts for you to brush up on before moving. We are proud of our professional Salt Lake City packing services, and our great state of Utah, too! Check out this list of 20 state facts about Utah.

State Facts About Utah infographic

Things You Didn’t Know About Utah

1. Levan, a city in Utah, is “navel” spelled backwards. This city got its name because it is in the center of Utah.

2. There is a Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City that took 40 years to build. Three other temples in Utah were complete before it.

3. The nation’s first department store was birthed in Utah. It was established in the late 1800s.

4. Utah has one of the most deserted stretches of interstate in the US. Its location is the intersection of I-70 and Cove Fort.

5. Utah is home to the world’s largest natural-rock span, Rainbow Bridge. It is an abstract sculpture made from solid sandstone and made by Mother Nature herself.

6. Great Salt Lake spans over 2,100 square miles.

7. Utah is a more inland state, which causes the snow in Utah to have a powderier feel than most snow.

8. The mountains near Salt Lake City see 500 inches of snow, on average.

9. The tallest mountains in the country, on average, are in Utah.

10. Before being named Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah was originally called “Great Salt Lake City”.

11. The state symbol of Utah is the beehive. It symbolizes thrift and industry.

12. Utah’s state animal is the Rocky Mountain Elk.

13. Utah’s state fish is the Rainbow Trout.

14. Utah’s namesake comes from the Ute tribe of Native Americans, meaning “people of the mountains”.

15. Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City, is unique in its name, as it is the only capital name made from three words.

16. Utah became part of the United States in 1896.

17. Utah is home to seven National Monuments, six National Forests, and five National Parks.

18. Utah’s Uinta Mountain Range is named after the Ute tribe.

19. Utah has its own “Hollywood” named Kanab, because it is a popular film site for movies.

20. Beaver, Utah is the birthplace of the inventor of TV, Butch Cassidy.


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