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Manufactured Houses

Manufactured homes use to be what you found in trailer parks, but not these days. Today, there are communities devoted to manufactured home with their owners giving people the option to rent or rent to own. These manufactures houses can be pretty big, over 1500 square feet in some instances with three bedrooms or more. Some even have 9 foot ceilings and custom lighting. The All My Sons of Salt Lake City learned that these types of communities are called land-lease communities where residents pay a monthly rent of the land, anywhere from $200 to $400. Some land lease communities have more luxurious amenities such as spas and tennis courts and can demand a higher monthly payments from tenants.

The local Salt Lake City moving specialists also learned that developers are now also building subdivisions, sometimes with a mix of manufactured homes and site-built houses. The manufactures ones of course are cheaper and faster to build. Some even have garages, but that comes with a higher price tag. Basement-ready is another option that comes with this type of home building. Working with a manufactured home also means there are less contractors or subcontractors to work with, reducing the cost of labor but also the project management becomes simple.

A manufactured home comes ready to flooring, window treatment and a family can get settled within days. All they have to do is get connected with utilities and unpack. Sometimes that set-up ready house comes with a gourmet kitchen including stainless steel appliances, ceramic tiles for the backsplash and even cherry wood cabinets. Or luxurious bathrooms with large, relaxing tubs and even an electric fireplace.

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