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Small Kitchen Storage Solutions You’ll Love!

Are you moving into a suite, studio, or small apartment? Chances are you are going to have to deal with a small kitchen space. Not to mention dealing with the insufficient storage space for a tight knit kitchen space.

A kitchen layout and design is one of the most important tasks that you must consider when moving into a small living space.

With over 40 years of experience moving, All My Sons of Salt Lake City has noticed the amount of items that gets moved from kitchen to kitchen and that fitting everything into a smaller kitchen space can be a daunting task. From pots and pans, to silverware and utensils, there is so much that a kitchen has to be able to accommodate aside from food storage.

All My Sons of Salt Lake City has come up with 6 uncommon storage solutions for your small kitchen, sure to fit anyone’s budget!

Add an Armoire:

Not every kitchen is stocked with built-in cabinetry, which is why adding an appealing armoire or sleek style cabinet can be both cost effective and useful. Between yard sales, thrift shops, and flea markets you can score a great secondhand armoire at a great price. When adding an armoire into your home style…be bold! The armoire does not necessarily have to match your kitchen cabinetry. Add texture and color to your kitchen through a great storage piece.

Roller Carts:

Whether your kitchen has an island or not, a portable kitchen cart is always a smart idea. If room permits, purchase a kitchen cart as extra storage and counter top space. Best of all, when you are done using it, you roll it out of the way and into a corner.

Built-in Shelving

If you are thinking of remodeling, think about adding extra storage space in the wall. Insert a small niche in your kitchen wall and front it with glass. A blank stretch of drywall can easily be turned into a built-in cabinet.


Have an open floor-plan with very little shelving or storage space? Use double shelving as a divider. Not only will you have more storage room, but you will also have a unique way of creating separation from the kitchen to the living room.

Try Hanging Things:

Even the smallest of kitchens have room for hanging items. Go for the most efficient, sleek look, and hang kitchen utensils along the wall. Since these items will be more or less be on display, use them to your advantage. Hanging color scheme utensils or other kitchen items can double as home décor!

As for hanging pots and pans, to free up a lot of cabinet room, consider hanging them from the ceiling. Install a pot rack overhead if you have high ceilings and your pots and pans will be easily accessible. Otherwise, hanging them from the wall can work as well. However, when it comes to hanging kitchen items do not go crazy and hang everything. There is such a thing as TOO much. Your professional movers of Salt Lake City strongly advise that you plan ahead of time, before installing any hanging racks or rods.