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Kid-Friendly Activities in West Valley City

Moving to West Valley City with children can take a toll on everyone in the family. The change of scenery, making new friends and getting acclimated to a new school can have several effects on a child. The good news is that West Valley City has a great deal of activities to offer, making raising a child in West Valley City an easier process. For those parents moving to West Valley City and looking for kid friendly activities, we have the answers you need. The list below includes some of the city’s highest rated kid friendly activities that your kids are sure to enjoy and help them adjust to the move!


With two large open jump courts, this indoor trampoline park is safe for kids and adults of all ages! Kids as young as 2 years old are welcome.  Court monitors are standing by to ensure the safety of guests jumping through the jump courts or the foam pit. There are also two courts for Dodgeball and four trampolines of varying heights for the basketball aficionados. Kids can mimic their favorite basketball players as they slam dunk into the hoops above trampoline lanes.


If you are looking for kid friendly activities where children can both enjoy the outdoors and learn new facts, the Utah Hogle Zoo is the place for you! The zoo features animals from the African Savanna, Asian Highlands and many other places across the globe. Kids can learn about the environment of each animal while visiting or join one of the zoo’s classes! The Zoo offers camps, events and daily programs throughout the entire summer. If you are moving to West Valley City in the summer, this could be a great option to entertain your kids!


Most kids love waterparks and can’t get enough of the water, especially when the weather is nice and warm. As one of Utah’s best attractions, this lagoon has over 55 water rides for kids to enjoy. The waterpark offers food and entertainment for everyone in the family!


The imagination place offers educational and fun activities for kids. Here, kids can learn and enjoy music and experience a variety of activities that teach them the skilled art of music. The imagination place offers classes and camps for kids of all ages and gives them the opportunity to make new friends after moving to West Valley City.


For those families looking for kid friendly activities involving marine animals, the Loveland living planet aquarium would be a great location for kids to learn all sorts of new things! From sharks, otters, seahorses and more, the Aquarium has everything and are eager to share it all!


No need to travel to the Boondocks for this kid friendly activity! The Boondocks is an indoor and outdoor entertainment spot for kids and parents alike. Kids can enjoy a game of mini golf, bowling, laser tag, go karting and much more. They also feature an arcade and family friendly restaurant.

After moving to the West Valley City area, visit these kid friendly activities to better get your family settled into their new home. Demonstrate to your children that their new city is just as fun as their old one!