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Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter

The local Salt Lake City movers know it can get cold in Salt Lake City during the winter months even though the temperature is not extreme. January is the coldest moth with the average temperature of 30 degrees Fahrenheit with the winter usually over by mid-March. The utility bills are higher during those months, with the heating bill making a significant impact. Many homes, especially older ones, have air leaks affecting the overall temperature of the house and of course affecting your electric bill. The local Salt Lake City moving specialists suggest you make a few repairs around the house to help you keep the heated air inside the house. You can seal receptacle and switch boxes that are installed on the outside walls because they have gaps that allow the heat in your home to pass through it. Remove the cover plates and slip a pre-cut electrical outlet foam and then reinstall. You can also fill in with silicone the hole that allows the wires to go through.

If you have ventilation ducts, make sure they're aren't leaking and forming condensation. Wrap them with thin batts of fiberglass insulation. Don't forget the windows. Check for drafty spots and when you find some, remove the casing and fill in all of the gaps with fiberglass insulation. All My Sons of Salt Lake City suggest you verify your home's pipes. Check the plumbing and gas lines for gaps. Use a spray form insulation and fill the gaps in, but don't over-apply the spray because the foam expands. Another area that might be affected during the winter months is your water tank. The Salt Lake City moving specialists recommend you cover up the water tank with a blanket to keep the water the warmest. And speaking of covering up, you can do the same for your pipes. Copper plumbing can freeze easily in the cold winter season so wrap them up with either pre-formed foam pipe sleeves or pipe wrap insulation.

These tips should help you keep your home warmer and your utility bill smaller. If your house has bigger issues with keeping the right temperature, a residential move might be a better option. If your house is really old, there can be certain gaps and air leaks you can't really work around. Should you want to move, call the Salt Lake City movers for professional moving services at an affordable price. All My Sons of Salt Lake City are backed by four generations of movers and have commercial moving experience as well as auto moves experience. When you move with the Salt Lake City moving specialists, you'll move with the All My Sons Moving and Storage family so you'll be in trusted hands.