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How to Keep Your Child’s Sleep Schedule on Track When Moving

Moving is one of the most stressful times for families. For the adults, it’s usually the logistics that cause stress; and for kids it’s the unfamiliarity and the disruption of their routines. All My Sons of Salt Lake City created this guide to help you keep your child’s sleep schedule on track when moving.

Children enjoy familiarity and routines and if you take them out of their comfort zones, they usually exhibit stress. They may express their anxiety by not sleeping, so it’s important to take note of these tips to keep your child’s sleep schedule on track.

 To get your child familiar with your new house, it is best to start doing this before the actual move. Start having conversations with your child about the move as early as possible. It may seem like it’s better to wait as long as you can to tell your child that they are moving, but children need time to process things. If it’s possible, give your child a tour of the new house and community. Take them to the local park, grocery store and even show them their new school.

Fortunately, there are packing services to take the stress out of moving. As the move gets closer, you should decide if hiring professional packing services is right for you. This will take the stress off you as a parent and you can focus more time into making sure your children are not stressed either. Our moving company in Salt Lake City offers full packing services to meet the needs of your family. You will be treated with professionalism and can be assured that your belongings will be treated safely during your move.

Once you have finished the move, it is time to get your child settled in. If possible, try to set up your child’s room first. It will be easier for your child to sleep if their bed is set up, toys are out, and clothes are all put away. You should also think about keeping the same furniture or buying new furniture before you move, so that your child will either be used to their room or has time to adjust before the move. Sleeping in a big room with tons of boxes won’t be comfortable for your child.

If you are moving across time zones, there are a few ways you can help your child adjust. You may need to wake your child up or make them go to sleep when they are not tired to get them adjusted to the new time zone. Prepare to be patient- this will take time!

Try to spend as much time in your new house as you can. The more time you spend in your new house, it will all start to feel normal for the child. Eventually, you should start creating a schedule and a routine and your child will definitely feel more comfortable. With time, your child will adjust to the new house and should be sleeping with no problem.