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How to Improve Curb Appeal to Attract Buyers

When it comes to selling your home, it can seem as though there are endless little projects that you need to do in order to attract potential home buyers. Realtors and other real estate professionals have lots of experience with what works and what doesn’t, but when you are selling your home on your own it can be more difficult to know how to prioritize. Before you can call your Salt Lake City movers, you have to get your house sold and many potential home buyers will take one look at a place and decide against it. In order to prevent that from happening to you, improve your curb appeal so that your home looks inviting.

A Different Point of View

It is common for people to become complacent and unaware of how their home looks because they see it every day. It can be hard to know just what kind of repairs or changes your home can use without looking at your home with a different lens. Instead of viewing your home as the house you live in, think of it as you would if you were shopping for a new home. What would you like to see? What would your first impression be? The next time you come home, stop a little bit away from your house and look at it in relation to the homes around it. Does it stand out? Does the yard look as good as the neighbor’s? As you walk up to your home, try to notice what you think buyers will notice first and decide if that is what you want your home to be remembered by.


When you are getting your home ready to sell, the inside gets a lot of attention. Many people spend a lot of time cleaning their homes and getting rid of excess clutter. Similar to the way that you treat your home’s interior, you should also clear out the clutter around your home’s exterior. Storing bikes or yard working tools in a visible area can make your home look junky, so find a place to put them where they aren’t visible. While holiday décor is fun and festive, you may want to avoid putting it out if you are trying to sell, since there are so many tastes and styles. You don’t want a plastic Santa to stand between you and a potential sale.

Deep Cleaning

Just like you would do inside your home, you should deep clean your yard as well. Instead of paying for a carpet cleaner, consider paying a landscaping business to come and trim your trees, bushes, and anything else that may be overgrown. Make sure that your lawn is mowed as often as possible, especially when you know that someone is coming to walk through your home. Siding and concrete can get very dirty, so renting a power washer to get rid of that built up grime can make your home look that much better.

Selling your home can be a much quicker and easy process if you take the time to prepare your home inside and out. You will likely be contacting your Salt Lake City movers in no time at all.