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Salt Lake City: House Versus Home

You have just moved to Salt Lake City and you want to make your new house a home. The first thing that you need to do is identify that these are two different concepts. The main difference between a house and a home is that a house is considered more of a life-long residence. A house refers to a building in which someone lives, the more permanent structure itself that a person lives in. In contrast, a home can refer to a building, a location, or place where a person feels like they belong and are truly happy in. A home can also be something abstract such as a place in your mind. Local Salt Lake City movers reveal the simple ways that your house can actually be a home.

  • The perfect imperfections. All the scars and scratches of your Salt Lake City home give the unmistakable live-in vibe. No home is perfect, and if it is, then it is just a staged empty showroom. Work hard, play hard, and be proud about moving to Salt Lake City and creating a home.

  • The noises. A full house of kids, pets, and family comes with its fair share of noises. The sounds of togetherness that makes your Salt Lake City home feel full.

  • A lack thereof noises. When the whole family is sleeping or you are home alone because everyone is at work and school, you may seek refuge from the bustling Salt Lake City life and find comfort in the silence of your humble abode.

  • The people that you share your Salt Lake City home with. The kids playing in the yard with the family dog barking in the background, your husband tinkering with something in the garage, your wife cooking a tantalizing meal in the kitchen, or even the family cat napping in the warm sun rays seeping in from the windowsill. All of these elements give the unmistakable buzz of life that makes your Salt Lake City house a home.

  • The smell of good old fashioned home cooking from the aroma of a savory stew, and even mouthwatering, freshly baked cookies can make your house feel like a home.

  • The constant mess is inevitable. Salt Lake City movers want you to understand that you will never be able to permanently keep your Salt Lake City home in perfect order, but your home mess is just that – it’s yours, and that makes a home.

  • The cozy spaces where you love to curl up and read a book or listen to music and relax. Every home has an area that the family loves to lounge and let loose.

  • The family heirlooms and collections you have acquired. Your Salt Lake City house is home to all of the items you have collected and kept safe throughout your life, your family’s lives, and your travels and experiences. All the objects you keep in your house that connect you to the past and tell a story of who you are and where you have been, and Salt Lake City movers can take care of moving them safely for you.

  • The memories you make in your new home. All of the milestones you and your family share together in your Salt Lake City home such as birthdays, holidays, or even simple Sunday afternoons are what really make the difference between a Salt Lake City house and a home.