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Great Additions to Any Home From the Salt Lake City Movers

With a huge inventory of homes around the country and low price tags, many people are moving, some into the very first home they will own. There are many ways to decorate and fix up a home, from adding big pieces such as a new bedroom set or smaller pieces like a lamp or figurines that add personality to your home.

Rugs are a great way to not only liven up a space but is also very practical in certain situations. It can add color to a room as well as make slippery floors a little safer. There are so many types of rugs, different in size as well as fabric. There are synthetic fabrics that are perfect for busy areas like the living room or rugs made out of wool, that are more expensive and stain easily. The Salt Lake City moving specialists remind you that the colors and patterns you choose are as important as the fabric you choose. Imagine having a zebra pattern rug in your living room versus a neutral beige colored one right under your coffee table. Both options give a completely different look and feel to the space. Rugs are also a good way to hide a few imperfections around the house such a big scratch on otherwise perfect wood floors or a crack on white sparkling tiles.

Pillows are another way to liven up a space. There are inexpensive and just like rugs come in various sizes, colors and materials. You can throw pillows on a couch to make your living room seem more inviting, you can decorate your bed with carefully placed pillows, even a big beautiful pillow for your four-legged best friend can add charm to a room, not to mention much comfort for your dog. Another benefit to pillows is that you can replace them quite easily, so in six months’ time if you’re getting tired of your bedroom’s décor, all you have to do is switch around the design of the pillows and sheets and voila, you have a new bedroom.

The local Salt Lake movers remind you that there are plenty little ways that are easy and inexpensive to spice up your space. All it takes is a little patience and creativity. Adding art is also an easy part of redecorating. Mix personal photographs, paintings, drawings, all types of art to truly have a unique décor. Good luck decorating!