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Beat Other Bidders For the Home of your Dreams

The real estate market is getting better, residential properties are selling for a little more and inventory is dropping. Potential homebuyers are also finding themselves competing with other homebuyers for the same home. Recent reports are stating that 73% of homes on the market are now drawing in multiple bidders. The houses that are in good condition are getting several offers, because price tags are great and it's a great time to buy with low interest rates.The All My Sons of Salt Lake City movers suggest not placing any contingencies on your offer. This will help you get an edge up on your competition. If you're willing to take the house as is without negotiating too much on the price and not request any specific repairs, your offer will stand out. On the other hand, the local Salt Lake City say, if you're asking the homeowners to go back and forth a lot with you, they might lose interest because they have the upper hand thanks to other bidders.

Another tactic to get the house of your dreams is to put in your best offer. Don't waste time lowballing the sellers, put your maximum on the negotiating table because you might get a second chance to make an offer. If it's really your dream home, paying the maximum price you can afford shouldn't be a problem. If it has everything you want, is in the neighborhood you like and you can see yourself living there for a number of years, definitely make your best offer. If you hear that a certain property you're interested in is really getting a lot of attention from other potential buyers, it might help to make things a little more personal. Convey to the seller the reasons for which you want to buy their home. Chances are the seller has their own emotional attachment to the house, so he or she will feel good about knowing it's going into the hands of someone who will take very good care of it. Plus, you'll stand out from all of the other potential buyers, because you'll have a a story attached o your offer and name.

Like we said before, the local Salt Lake City moving specialists remind you that the pre-approval letter can really give you a leg up. When a seller knows that you're offer is backed by the fact that you can actually afford the house, it gives you a lot of credibility. Because they know you have a lender that's willing to finance your dream home. A good-faith deposit also helps. That's generally about 1% of the purchase price just to show them how serious you are about buying their home. You can offer more than that 1% and offer 3% or 5%. That again just shows credibility and basically that you mean business. When you beat the competition and get your dream home, don't forget to call All My Sons of Salt Lake City for professional moving services at an affordable price.