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What Can Hurt Your Home's Appraisal?

Selling your home is hard enough these days, there's a lot of homes on the market, competitive prices and plenty of incentives to go around. The local Salt Lake City movers know that one thing that can help give you that edge is your home appraisal. If you can prove your home has value, you can sell it easier. However, the Salt Lake City moving specialists want to remind you that a bad appraisal can also negatively influence your home sales price and actual sale. It's important that you know which house areas to pay extra attention to so that you can really maximize the benefits of an appraisal.

Make sure to keep the interior and exterior of your clean and taken care of. No clutter, no overgrown bushes, a mowed lawn and overall the best possible curb appeal. This maintenance to-do list can make a 3% difference in your price. The outside of your home will not only make a difference in the value of your property but also in attracting people to come and view it in the first place. A maintained yard means potential homebuyers will think the inside of the house is also well-kept.

The Salt Lake City movers know that remodeling also influences your appraisal. Some remodeling projects can add value to your home, while others not so much. Trendy remodels are sometimes not well-reserved because they don't keep in line with the historical period of the home. But the All My Sons of Salt Lake City know adding space to a kitchen is always a good remodeling project that adds value to any home. More cabinets, more storage space, newer appliances, all help a kitchen be more practical and a home sell more easily. However, make sure your home appraiser doesn't see any unfinished remodeling projects, that can really turn off the appraiser. A new roof won't make too much of a difference in the appraisal of your home, because a roof that's in good condition is expected. It is not an extra item on the list.

When yo receive your appraisal and are able to sell your home, call the local Salt Lake City movers for a professional residential move. Our All My Sons of Salt Lake City movers are experienced in auto moves, long-distance moves as well as commercial moves so you know you're in good hands. The local Salt Lake City movers are part of the All My Sons Moving and Storage network which is backed by four generations of movers and moving offices across the U.S. There are All My Sons of Atlanta movers, All My Sons of Birmingham movers, All My Sons of Raleigh movers, All My Sons of Nashville movers and so many more. The Salt Lake City movers will quilt pad wrap your furniture to further protect your personal belongings and should you need professional moving boxes and moving kits, they can be delivered right to your doorstep! For an easy move, call the Salt Lake City moving specialists.