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Help Kids Deal With The Move

Moving can be hard on a family, besides the work that goes into the preparations and finding professional movers you can trust, moving is a big change and it affects every member of the family differently. There’s a sadness about leaving the place that’s been home for a long time, there’s a loss of a familiar neighborhood, and the reason for the move can also have an impact. If people are moving because of foreclosures, or divorce, or job relocations, then the feeling about the move is different than if the move was under other circumstances. In any case, the Salt Lake City movers remind you that children also react to moving. And according to child development experts, moving can be disruptive for them. Of course, the reactions to the move depend on the child’s personality, the number of friends they have in their old neighborhood, the circumstances of the move and even the parents’ attitude to the move.

The Salt Lake City movers say it’s important that as a parent you display positive feelings regarding the move, highlight the best parts of moving somewhere new. The younger the children the easier it is for them to adapt. A teenager has a much harder time than a your kid with moving for example because they will likely have to switch schools and begin new friendships. They can go from being the ‘most popular kid’ to ‘being the new guy’. Their social circle or even best friend might not be there in class with them.

While preparing for the move, parents should talk to their kids. Keep them involved in the packing, in the decision making and even in picking out new furniture for the new home. All My Sons of Salt Lake City reminds you to also emphasize the similarities between the old neighborhood and the new one. You can even visit the school a few times before they start. Emphasize all the great things about the move. Maybe there’s a new park, closer to home. Maybe the kids get a new bedroom that they don’t have to share. Maybe there are new responsibilities you’re willing to give them.

The most important thing is to communicate about the move. Don’t forget to get reliable movers like the Salt Lake City moving team to make the entire residential move a little easier on yourself and your family. With movers that have a great reputation, at least moving day will be smooth. The rest is up to you.