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7 Ways to Heat Your Home after Moving to Salt Lake City

Moving to Salt Lake City during the fall or winter months probably has you considering different ways to heat your home in a more energy and cost effective way. There are several different things that you as the homeowner can do to drive the cost of heating your home down, while still keeping your family warm until spring. Here are seven money-saving tips for heating your home, straight from All My Sons Moving & Storage of Salt Lake City.

1. Change the direction of your ceiling fans. When it comes to your ceiling fans, you may think they only come in handy during warmer months. However, ceiling fans that are reversed take on a whole new role. By changing the rotation of your ceiling fans to clockwise, they will pull the cool air up and push the warmer air out towards the perimeter of the room and down the walls. Eventually, the warmer air will be forced back down to the floor of a room and into the living space where your family can benefit from it most. If you are reversing the rotation of your ceiling fans during the colder months, be sure to set them on a low speed to help retain warm air for longer periods of time.  

2. Caulk your windows. If you have recently moved to Salt Lake City and into a new home, you probably don’t know when your windows were last caulked. But the truth of the matter is, caulking window frames helps keep warm air from escaping in winter and cool air from fleeing in summer. Salt Lake City movers suggest caulking your windows this season for a quick and inexpensive way to save year round.

3. Open your curtains when it’s sunny and close them when it gets dark. Allowing bright rays of warm sunshine into your home will help heat your home throughout the day. To retain that warmth, close your curtains when it starts to get dark, so that the heat can’t escape the same way it came in.

4. Invest in hot water bottles. Placing hot water bottles at the foot of your bed is the perfect way to stay warm during chilly nights after moving to Salt Lake City, without having to run the heater all night.

5. Use insulating draft-stoppers at the bottom on your doors. Heat also has a way of escaping certain rooms in your home through the gap under the doorways. Cover this area with an insulating draft stopper, which can be purchased at your local hardware store.

6. Shower with the bathroom door open. The steam from your hot shower will help heat areas of your home within close proximity if you leave the bathroom door open.

7. Recycle heat from your oven. If you have baked something in the oven, our local Salt Lake City movers suggest leaving the oven open to reuse the heat. By leaving the oven door open, your kitchen will remain nice and cozy for a decent amount of time.