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Moving With No Problems

The internet is full of moving company listings, some with more fancy websites than others. However, this doesn’t mean that all of the movers are professional or even experienced. Companies like the local Salt Lake City movers know that the online information can be deceiving. There are plenty of scammers and people looking to make a quick buck. But on the other hand there are plenty of other moving companies that deliver great customer service and a professional residential move. You jut have to know how to make the difference and arm yourself with knowledge.

When you’re ready to move into your bigger home, make sure you take the necessary steps to protect yourself during moving day. Ask for moving estimates and try to get moving companies to visit your place so they can give you a realistic moving quote, not one they’ll have to change on moving day because you have a lot more personal belongings than they had assumed. Ask for a detailed moving estimate from about three professional movers so that you can compare prices. There can be unexpected expenses that arise even with reputable movers such as if you reside on a street or within a condominium complex that doesn’t allow a certain size of truck. Movers might have to shuttle back and forth with a smaller moving truck, adding cost to the entire move.

It’s a good idea to contact your movers of choice a little in advance. This will give them time to schedule you in without having to add cost to last minute moves. Especially if you’re movers of choice are reputable, they probably already have a fair amount of business.

You can ask for a binding contract to limit the amount of extra costs that can arise on the actual moving day. This will further protect you for the unexpected. Inquire about insurance as well. Movers are expected to provide insurance but only to certain level, so if you have household items that are extremely valuable like antiques or heirloom, you probably won’t get your money’s worth should the break. You can find out with your insurance company how to further protect your valuables.

However, if you’re moving with a moving company like All My Sons of Salt Lake City that’s experienced, the possibility of things breaking or getting damaged is much smaller. The next time you move, make sure to hire a moving company you trust, that can offer you great value at an affordable price.