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How to Get Your New Home Ready for the Move

When you are planning a big move, there is a lot of attention placed on the home that you are selling or moving out of. You may assume that your new home is move-in ready, but it may be wise to take a little bit of time to get the house ready before you move in all your things. Using professional Salt Lake City movers can help you make sure that all of your household items and furniture are move in correctly, but if there is a problem with your new home it can be easier to take care of it before all your stuff is in the house and put away. Here are a few ways to prepare your new home for the move.

Make a Checklist

Take at least one day to walk through your new home and look at it with a critical eye. As you go along from room to room, write down anything you see that needs attention so that you don’t forget once you leave. This checklist can help you to make sure that you take care of any problems and that they don’t get lost in the shuffle before and during the move.

Make Any Necessary Repairs

Hopefully the previous owners of your new home have taken care of any repairs that may be needed, but just in case they didn’t, it’s a good idea to fix a problem before you move in your things. It would be a hassle if you had to move a large piece of furniture right after it had just been moved in by your Salt Lake City movers.

Give the Home a Thorough Cleaning

Before you move in, take a day or two to do a deep cleaning of your new home. It’s so much easier to clean without furniture in the way or pictures on the wall. Even if the home was cleaned by the previous owners, you can be sure than the cleaning is up to your standard if you do it yourself. Rent a carpet cleaner and get all the dirt and grime out of the flooring before it gets covered up by rugs or furniture. There really is no better time to clean than when your home is empty.

If You Plan On Painting, Paint Now

Similar to cleaning a house, painting a house is a lot easier without any obstacles in the way. Many new homeowners want to repaint their new home, but once they have moved in they realize that the process would be a lot more complicated than they realized. If you have the time, paint whatever rooms you would like to before you move in and save yourself the headache of painting around your stuff that will likely just be in your way.

Investing the time into a pre-move house tune-up is a good way to make your moving experience easier and less stressful. If there are things that you think you’ll want to repair or change after you move in, do it before instead so that you don’t lose all your motivation after the move. Professional Salt Lake City movers will be more than happy to help you move into a clean home that is ready for all your things.