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How to Dress Up a Bare Wall

Trying to figure out how to decorate every room of your new home can get exhausting after a while, especially if you are moving into a larger house than your last. What are you supposed to do with all of that extra wall space, anyways? Luckily, your local Salt Lake City movers are never short on ideas of how what to with all of the bare walls throughout your new home. Check out this list and get ready to be inspired and full of brand new ideas of how to dress up all of those stark and empty walls throughout your home.

  1. Oversize Art. Get the attention of all of your house guests, with a unique take on traditional artwork. Instead of neatly hanging a piece of artwork up, why not opt for an oversized piece of art that will take up most of your wall? This will not only highlight unique accessories that you may want to show off in your home, but it will also add just the right amount of unique flair that your home was lacking. You don’t even have to hang it – just balance it against the wall for a completely modern take on interior design. This is also the perfect way to conceal walls that maybe could use a new coat of paint or some patching after you are finished moving in. Rather than adding the stress of having to fix minor wall repairs on top of the stress of moving to Salt Lake City, you can create or use oversized art to conceal it in 10 minutes flat, all while creating an eye-catching piece for house guests.
  2. Upgraded Calendars. Who says that calendars are strictly bound to be pinned to a bulletin board or hung up by magnets on the refrigerator? Upgrade the look of your calendar and your blank wall space by turning them into artwork. Salt Lake City movers suggest that in order to make this a DIY project, buy a picture frame and take out the glass. Then line the inside of the frame with a piece of scrapbook paper, then attach the calendar month to the frame. Voila, instant artwork with barely any cost!
  3. Small Space. Did you move to Salt Lake City and your new residence is a little smaller you’re your old one? If you have a limited amount of space to decorate, but cannot stand the bare look of the wall staring back at you, hang up a pair of floating shelves in staggering heights and fill them with different types of items. For items: think of different types of picture frames, plates with a variety of patterns, artwork, candles, and whatever else you want to think would make your wall look great! The best part about this project is that you can use the shelving to store items that you already have, as you unpack them from your moving boxes.
  4. Headboard Fun. Not exactly a fan of headboards, but do not want to leave the wall space behind your bed completely blank? Hang up an arrangement of artwork or photos that can double as a headboard! In order to make this look cohesive, use grid-like uniform frames and hang them up behind your bed. Make sure to place them close together, with only about 2-3 inches in between each frame edge.

Salt Lake City moving companies like All My Sons Moving & Storage, want you to love your new home in our city, so don’t let the stress of having to decorate bare walls and conceal minor flaws stop you from creating the dream home you’ve always wanted, we have plenty of moving and decorating tips to assist you!