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Downsizing and Moving

In today’s economy, many people are faced with hard decisions and new realities. Some are forced to move out of their homes, some are trying to sell while others are being forced out. There is a wide variety of situations this new economy is putting people in. Some are buying smaller homes, some are renting, some are even moving in with their families creating multiple generations in one household.

Downsizing is many times the result of these moves. People leaving bigger homes to move into smaller ones. Their new space requires them to unload many of their personal belongings they will no longer have place for in their smaller layout. A larger home with multiple bedroom and bathrooms needs a lot more furniture as well as household items like fancy storage. A larger home also probably has multiple entertainment options in various rooms resulting in many televisions, stereo systems, gaming consoles and more.

If you’re in the process of moving, the local Salt Lake City movers suggest you downsize. Get rid of the many things you won’t have space for in your new smaller home. Downsizing can also give you the opportunity to give back to your community as well as make some money on the side.

The All My Sons of Salt Lake City movers recommend you first sort through the things you own. Look for things that you won’t use anymore or won’t have a place for. Check for multiples as well. Do you really need three television sets? You might even have some big bucks treasure you can sell online on sites like Ebay. Take pictures of some of your items and post on the internet along with a description. Potential buyers can either pick up the items from your home or you might have to ship out some of the items.

For smaller things like extra sets of dishware, clothing that’s still in good condition, extra lamps, books, music and movie CDs and that sort of thing, you can hold a garage sale, and make a little amount of money to help you with hiring a professional moving company like the Salt Lake City moving specialists.

With the rest of the stuff you have but don’t want to take into your newer smaller home or apartment, call up a few nonprofit organizations to donate the goods. If your items are large, some of the charities will come to your place to pick it up themselves. If you have little items like clothing that you have space for in your new closte, you can find local bins that you can just drop the bags of clothes inside.