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The Salt Lake City Movers Help You Re-Create Your Living Room

So you’ve moved into your new home and are stuck when it comes to redecorating your space. Some of us are so use to one space that it can be hard to create a new one. That’s why All My Sons of Salt Lake City is helping you with a few tips to a living room makeover.

If your walls are very neutral or even white, adding some color can liven up your space. You can make your living room inviting and warm by choosing warm colors. If you’re hesitant about painting your entire living room, try accentuating just one wall.

You can also decorate your walls with streamlined storage or shelves. These won’t eat up your space, but will add a nice texture to the room. Plus, you’ll use the shelves in a practical way and to decorate, you can always add a vase or two. Make sure your couch isn’t stuck to the shelving unit.

The Salt Lake City movers suggest adding decorative pillows to your sectional couch. This adds color to the room (you can match it to wall paint color) and definition. There are so many to choose from, with differences in styles, size and embellishments. And while we’re talking about accessorizing, you can decorate your coffee table with some embellishments of its own. Whether it’s coasters, coffee table books, a vase, it will make the space cozier. 

Mirrors give the illusion of more grandeur in a space. Make your living room seem bigger by hanging a few mirrors. Don’t forget to think what it’s going to reflect. The Salt Lake City moving specialists also remind you to think about shades or curtains. These can definitely add pizzazz to any room. Choose a good quality that will also work well for blocking the sunlight, which comes in handy when you’re watching a movie. Speaking of movies, a sleek, modern flat-screen television can act as a piece of art almost. If you’re televisions set is modern, treat it as such and find a great place to showcase it. You can even decorate around it.

Plants can also decorate your new living room. Shades of green here and there can really add depth to the space. Just don’t forget to after them regularly and attend them to them, so they look healthy and vibrant.

The Salt Lake City movers hope that these little living room makeover tips help you brighten up your new space in your new home. Should you have to move again in the near future, give the local Salt Lake City movers a call for top-notch moving services backed by a licensed and insured moving company.