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Choosing a Carpet for your Home

Many homeowners these days choose to include various types of flooring in their homes. Maybe laminate or hardwood floors for their living area, carpet for the bedrooms and tiles for the heart of the house also known as the kitchen. There are various types within each one of those flooring options like for example if you were to choose hardwood floors, you can go for oak or cherry wood. The local Salt Lake City movers found out the same applies for carpet. When choosing a carpet you shouldn't just base yourself on color, you should think of the fibers and construction of the wall-to-wall rug as well as your lifestyle. All My Sons of Salt Lake City suggests you research the pros and cons of the carpet you're interested in purchasing. The majority of carpets produced in America have one of six pile fibers including nylon, polypropylene or olefin, polyester, wool and cotton. Some fibers have very low resiliency, others have a tendency to absorb oily soils, while all are subject to usage from foot traffic, accidental spills, environmental contaminant. The local Salt Lake City moving specialists learned that one of the popular materials for carpet is nylon because of its durability and forgiving nature. It represents about 65% of the carpets sold in America. So if you have a large family including young children, nylon can be a great choice because it's easy to maintain and also comes in many patterns and colors. Nylon carpets are easy to shop, however they're one of the most expensive fiber because of its top performance. They have good yarn memory and react well to stain treatments. It is soil and mildew resistant too, but prone to static.

Polypropylene or olefin is the fastest growing segment in carpeting. Olefin makes up about 30% of the fiber used in the U.S. It's a solution dyed carpet product which means color is added and not topically applied. It has superior resistance to bleaches and sunlight fading. Colors are more limited though because it involves a dyeing process. The local Salt Lake City movers found out olefin carpeting cleans well with most staining practically being non-existence. It was originally used more for outdoors because of its resistance to mildew, moisture, water damage and shedding. Polyester carpeting looks great because in general polyester fibers produce some of the best coloration. It's extremely fade resistant however doesn't have too much resiliency so it's susceptible to crushing.

Besides offering a deep, rich feeling, the All My Sons of Salt Lake City learned that wool carpeting has excellence resiliency and durability. However, it costs twice as much as nylon. It also requires a high level of maintenance and tends to wear down. It can hold 10 times its weight in moisture and susceptible to shrinking and mold mildew growth.