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New Years Resolution to Buy a Home

It's a new year and people have their resolutions lined up. For some it's weight loss, for others it's buying a home in 2013. If this is a serious goal for you this year, try planning for it. The local Salt Lake City movers suggest you decide what it is that you want. Think size, neighborhood, amenities, price, architecture and other preferences you might have. Take the time to get your financial house in order. Make sure you're paying your bills on time, reducing your debt and save up for a down payment. The national Association of REALTORS say 9 out 10 buyers finance their purchase, which means almost all buyers need a loan. So it's really important that your finances are in order. Try to even meet with lenders before you have your heart set on a specific home. Look at various loan options and find something that's right for you. Eventually, get your pre-approval letter. By having this paperwork, you become more credible when you place an offer on a house. You're basically saying a loan officer has reviewed your credit and believes you can purchase a home. The All My Sons of Salt Lake City remind you that you can visit multiple loan officers. It will prove your financial strength. A good realtor is a very big part of preparing to buy a home. By choosing an experienced realtor, you'll be able to tap into his or her network and know that they'll negotiate the best deal for you.
A good realtor knows neighborhoods inside out, know comparable prices in the area and has proven track record of selling and finding homes. Try to get references from friends and family and hold interviews. Find out how long they've been in the business and if they're part of any associations that can add credibility to their professionalism. Remember to save money to help you out with repairs and maintenance of the house. Set aside some emergency funds, because you never know what might come up. 
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