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Moving Advice From The Salt Lake City Moving Crew

Everyone knows that moving can be a hassle. There’s too much to do and never enough time to do it. There’s packing involved, cleaning, organizing, sorting through things, even reminiscing sometimes. To help you through the challenges of moving, All My Sons of Salt Lake City is here to help you with a little bit of advice and random moving tips that can make the journey to your next neighborhood a little easier.

One thing for sure is that you don’t want to get caught without enough packing supplies. If you’re ready to pack, make sure you have all your essentials ready to go. That means moving boxes, labels, markers, tape, newspaper or wrapping paper, maybe even bubble wrap for extra protection. You can purchase those materials at your local all-purpose store or try to get them for free from your grocery store. If you decide to try to get a few for free, make sure they’re not dirty or have any food residue that might transfer onto your personal items. You can also get packing supplies from us online. But professional packing materials and moving quotes from those who move for a living. It’s easy and you can get it shipped right to your door.

When you’re packing, try to accomplish one room at a time, and of course, start with a room in the house that’s not used a lot. Maybe the office, maybe a guest bathroom, a garage or attic if you have one. And when you’re placing things in boxes, don’t over pack them because they might tear mid-move. Make sure you label everything too. You can simply write the type of room that items are from or go further and list a few of the items to help you remember once you’re in your new place and trying to figure out which box to open and unpack first.

It’s also a good idea to set aside a box or two with some of the essentials you’ll need for the first two or three days in your new house. You can include work clothes if you plan on going into the office, toothbrushes, a few toiletries too, medication, cell phone chargers so you can make and receive calls and anything else you think you’ll need. If you have children, you’ll probably also have to pack a few of their favorite toys, healthy snacks and maybe even diapers if they’re young.

These are just some moving tips to help you throughout the moving process. To make things even easier for you, you have to hire a professional moving company like All My Sons of Salt Lake City. Our local Salt Lake movers are very efficient, friendly and most important experienced. They’ve moved people in and out of their homes for years now. You can expect quilt-pad wrapping services, help setting up your furniture and other belongings in your new place and so much more. If you live in Orem, Magna, Sandy, Salt Lake City and Bountiful, call the Salt Lake City moving crew for your stress-free moving day.