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Ogden At A Glance

Ogden, Utah

Ogden, Utah is a city that is full of history! It was the first permanent settlement by European descendents and was purchased by Mormon settlers for $1,950 in 1847.  The First Transcontinental Railroad was established in Ogden in 1869.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was built in 1972 and although recently renovated, it is still standing today.  Ogden is historically the second largest city in Utah and is home to a large number of historic buildings!  It is a gorgeous city that you will be happy to live in.  It is located very close by to the Wasatch Mountains, The Great Salt Lake and Salt Lake City.  That means you can go hiking, kayaking, and golfing whenever you’d like!  And don’t forget skiing of course when it’s snowing!

The weather is absolutely wonderful all year round!  Ogden has a hot summer continental climate which means the sun will be shining on your beautiful new life every day!  There are several great schools and colleges in Ogden, your children will obtain a fantastic education.  The economy is growing everyday in Ogden, Utah.  There are numerous job opportunities’ for everyone!  Ogden is a fabulous city to move to, not only is there so much history, it is rapidly expanding daily.  You and your family will be extremely happy in Ogden, Utah!  Let All My Sons Moving and Storage help you on your move to this wonderful city!